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1967 Fiat Dino Spyder 2.0

Price: £149,995 Mileage: n/a

One of the “sleepers” of the classic car market for decades, the Fiat Dino Spyder has finally been recognised as the Italian gem that it is. This is borne out by it being one of the most value- appreciating classic cars of recent times, according to market indexes and specialist publications.

It was conceived during a snapshot in history in the mid-1960’s when Fiat and Enzo Ferrari were examining forming a relationship for mutual benefit, and little did either of them know that that relationship would ensure Ferrari's survival into the 21st. Century.

At first shunned for not being a “proper” Ferrari due to its V6, not more acknowledged V12 engine, even Enzo Ferrari badged his cars as just “Dinos” initially. This was insurance against the market railing against what could be at face value perceived as an inferior car to his normal fare. Fortunately the press and public thought differently, and the Ferrari Dino made its way into folklore as a visual and driving delight.

The Dino was Ferrari’s first venture into (by their standards) large-scale production, which meant that their foundry could not cope with making the little V6 as well as their more esoteric stablemates. Enter the Fiat side of the equation; Fiat had the production capacity and infrastructure, so why didn’t Fiat use the beautiful little V6 for a “Halo” car of their own? Thus the Fiat Dino was spawned...

Using a comparatively conventional classical front engine/rear wheel drive configuration, Fiat used Bertone for the coupe, and Pininfarina for the Spyder.

So why has the Spyder not shone more brightly before? One argument could be that it has been overshadowed by its Ferrari cousin, and because of that, it’s not managed to find its own true place or identity. Another could be that the styling was not initially lauded, but time has been kind to it in this respect and the shape is now a 1960’s beauty. Whatever the reason, the car’s advantages are now right in the zone for many enthusiasts’ dreams. These include:-

- That true jewel of an engine

- Open-top driving with that lovely engine noise as a soundtrack

- +2 rear seats so four people can enjoy the ride

- Glamorous Pininfarina styling

- 5-speed gearbox for high-speed cruising

- Large boot to carry luggage or a big picnic!

This particular car is a very early example, being the 288th, built like all Fiat Dinos, it is LHD and has lived in California for many years. It has been the subject of a large amount of just-completed work including the following:-

-Full documented and photographed engine rebuild, including replacing many internals with uprated items, inc. oil pump, etc.

-Electronic ignition incorporated in distributor

-Substantial replacement of floor and structural sections to ensure full bodyshell integrity.

-New mohair soft-top and carpets

-Reconditioned starter motor and electrics

-New stainless steel “sports” exhaust

-Refurbished wheels

Ready to enjoy, this car, a rare sight on UK roads (none were officially imported) will bring many smiles per mile!


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