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1985 Mazda RX-7 Works Group B

Price: £189,995 Mileage: n/a

In 1984 Mazda Rally Team Europe, under the management of Achim Warmbold in Belgium, embarked on the creation of a competition specification Rotary RX7 to compete in the Group B FIA rally championship. Unlike virtually all other manufacturers, the team were only required to produce 20 cars for homologation into Group B as they had already achieved homologation in Groups 1,2 & 4. These vehicles were known as the ‘Evolution’ models and were re engineered under homologated number B-255.

Of the 20 homologation body shells produced it is believed that just 7 were fully assembled by MRTE, ready for competition between 1984 and 1985, with the remainder being left as parts for spares. The cars proved very durable, and although not as potent as the Audi Quattro, Peugeot T16 or Lancia, they did achieve a creditable 3rd place in the 85’ Acropolis rally, piloted by Ingvar Carlsson.

During the 1986 season the governing body banned Group B and Mazda like all the other teams were left with cars and no championship to compete with them. At the time the ban came into force, MRTE 019, which was built in June 1985, (as indicated by assembly date marks on the cars components) had not been used and remained in Belgium with the team until the car, along with many spare parts and a number of the chassis was sold to the Swiss Mazda Importer in the early 90’s. The remaining cars were sold off piecemeal for use by privateers and were either stripped, or modified over successive years to compete in a range of events.

The team that manufactured and assembled the car were craftsmen. Many parts on the car are date marked and coded by hand. Template marks are still clearly visible and are as fresh as the day they were made. Due to the low number of specialist parts required, many of the parts were produced by hand, by the engineer responsible for the cars build and the exquisite hand made nature of many of the parts are there to be clearly seen.

The car was sold in the early 2000’s and found its way to Scandinavia, where it remained in a private collection before being purchased by the current owner. MRTE 019 is almost certainly the most complete and original works Mazda RX7 Group B rally car in existence. As an unused full works competition car it represents the holy grail of the iconic Group B period. Although it is not always possible to state with 100% certainty the heritage of a vehicle, particularly an early competition car, we have the benefit of the homologation papers and historic photography which all indicate that the car's specification and build details are correct.

MRTE 019 remains unused and save for some minor refreshing and essential replacements, it remains as it was built by the team in 1985. It has had the following works commissioned by the current enthusiastic and meticulous owner:

Fuel pumps replaced
Fuel tank and lines flushed
Webers serviced
Aeroquip oil and coolant hoses checked
Brake calipers serviced
Brake discs skimmed (but should be replaced if the car is to be used)
Engine tested and dyno’d 
Bilstein front suspension dust covers replaced as originals were perished
Original decal pack fitted

This stunning car has been properly imported with all taxes paid. It has most recently been displayed by Mazda UK as part of their motorsport heritage exhibitions. Also the subject of a recent Top Gear article




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