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1969 Lamborghini Miura S

Price: £949,995 Mileage: n/a

Although the S version of the Miura came out in 1969, it was not radically different from the original P400. Bob Wallace, Lamborghini's development test driver wanted to explore more of the huge performance potential of the Miura, and built his own test bed car which ended up being brutally fast. This 'Jota' was so cutting-edge that only a small number of the improvements incorporated in it made their way in to the later Miura SV. The Jota was destroyed in 1972 in a crash being driven by someone whose abilities fell far behind the car's. Five production SV's were partially 'Jota-ised' but this was mainly cosmetic.

We are delighted to be able to offer this stunning Jota evocation again. It is based on a Miura S which was supplied new into Japan, and has spent most of its life there. Its last Japanese owner set out to produce a car whose closeness to the original Jota specification was much more than skin deep, and there is a comprehensive photo record and bills on file for over £365,000. This work included producing a set of bespoke hand formed aluminium bodywork with exposed rivets and fitting a specially modified SV engine, as well as a simply stunning ground up restoration. The build quality far exceeds anything produced by the factory in period. Please contact us for details of the extensive specification, which is too lengthy to list here. 

We have taken this work a significant stage further, resulting in a show-stopping Miura which bears the closest inspection from even the most accomplished automotive engineer. However we would be able to convert the car back to S specification should this be preferred, and with Miura prices rising so rapidly this would be cost effective for its new owner.

This is almost certainly the most visually striking Miura, and the most exhilarating to drive, currently available anywhere. It also sounds superb - please click button opposite!