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1975 Lamborghini Espada SIII

Price: SOLD Mileage: 63,000
A superb example of Italian flair

NB this particular car is now sold - however we do have 3 others in stock - they are all RHD UK manual, 2 are series 3 and 1 is a series 2. Please give us a call for more information.

Part of our mission statement is to sell cars whose history we've researched and compiled as fully as possible. This car is something of an exception - it does not have the usual full history in terms of maintenance/restoration work and in spite of our best efforts we can't ascertain who restored it!!

That's the bad news - the good news is that our MD, who has been working on Lamborghinis for 26 years (he restored, and owned an Espada S3 himself for 7 years) believes this is one of the best he's seen.

The body shell is in excellent order structurally with the Betone factory "castle sections" at the rear of the sills (a major structural area hardly ever rebuilt to original pressings) beautifully fabricated. Also the original leather interior is still lovely - this is remarkable as the thin leather specified by Bertone, from Connollys, was of necessity not hard wearing. We know it is 100% original as the narrow sections across the seats are perforated with a special pattern, impossible to reproduce.

Mechanically this car is also superb, with the Bizzarini-designed V12 engine exactly as it should be. The gearbox is also properly prepared with the highly unusual feature of almost unbeatable syncromesh on 2nd gear - not how Lamborghinis left the factory! This can only be achieved by someone who knows what they're doing, by optimising the molybdenum graphite coating on the synchro cones to exact thickness.

To sum-up, this is a car we are happy to put our name to, and is without doubt one of the best Espadas on the market.

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