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Lamborghini Miura restoration

We were approached by an existing client to find and restore for him an exceptional Miura. After a time of looking at and eliminating various cars, we eventually located this one in mainland Europe. Iain Tyrrell travelled and vetted the car along with the potential owner, and advised that it was a good purchase and an excellent basis for what our client wanted to achieve. The reason why this car in particular was chosen was because of its remarkable originality in both condition and specification. It was consequently purchased and transported to our workshop. 

We have worked closely with the client to arrive at the final colour scheme for this car, using our database of colour mixes and formulas used by Bertone in period. A set of bespoke camshafts have been manufactured and fitted. We have also completely retrimmed the interior to original design, including the dashboard and seats, etc.

The resultant car is beautiful to look at and great to drive.