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Aston Martin DB4 Restoration

Classic British motoring at it's very best

A client for whom we have restored a Ferrari, asked us to source and restore a DB4 for him. We therefore undertook the vetting and acquisition process on his behalf. Although a nice car prior to restoration, our client desired perfection as well as a driver's car par excellence.

We are carrying out a full ground up restoration on this car. Breakdown of work as follows:

Engine: we have salvaged the original cylinder block in order to maintain the car's 'matching numbers' status. This has included aluminium welding to restore the block's strength and integrity back to original levels. We have carried out a conversion from 3.7 to 4.2 ltrs and Vantage specification, because as the customer put it 'he wants it to go!'.
The rest of the mechanicals are similarly being restored to concours condition.

Bodywork: whilst the body was in good servicable condition, our brief was to make it last for decades to come. New sections of steel and aluminium, including new doors and front end, were therefore fabricated. The body is now painted to concours standards.

Other work on the car includes preparing all parts to concours condition.