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Ferrari 250GT 'Competizione' Restoration

This is a part/example of our history and DNA. A photo here shows our M.D. and founder Iain Tyrrell carrying out an engine rebuild on Ferrari 250GT "Tour de France" #1333GT in 1995. This important Ferrari has an outstanding competiton and ownership history, as featured in Jess Pourret's authoritative book "Ferrari 250GT". Due to having had only three owners from new in 1958 to the 1990's the car was stunningly and perhaps uniquely original. Included in the very sympathetic total mechanical rebuild was the commissioning of a new crankshaft due to the big-ends being undersize on the original part. The precious original special "Competizione" conrods and many other parts were crack-tested and re-used. Particular attention was paid by Iain to matching the appearance of the restored parts to the patina of the car, so that they looked in excellent condition but not falling into the trap of being too "blingy", a mistake that is all too often made on a project such as this.  

The background wall in the photo is re-touched but the rest is original. Following on from this rebuild and preparation, his efforts were rewarded. The car "Stole the show", to use the words of the delighted owner, at the Ferrari Owner's Club National Concours in 1996 and 1998 when it visited following this work. Indeed, it won the FOC GB Concours in 1998.

Another photo here shows more recent restoration work in our workshop/ trim shop on not one but two other iconic 250GT's.

We have a very broad wealth of experience and knowledge of these cars and would welcome enquiries for maintenance or restoration work.