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Ferrari 365 GT4 BB Restoration

We recently completed a project to sympathetically restore two Ferrari 365 Berlinetta Boxers. This included both a mechanical restoration as well as a refurbishment of trim.

The cars had only covered 14,000 and 24,000 miles from new and had been kept very well by marque specialists, to the extent that a total ground-up restoration has never been needed or carried out. This is very much in the car's favour (cars can only be factory original once of course), but it does mean that some sympathetic restoration/ refurbishment was necessary to underline and preserve their outstanding originality. This is not as easy as it first sounds; anyone very competent can refurbish parts on a classic car, but to know and replicate exactly original finishes is a different matter altogether. A great deal of effort has been made to ensure that restored elements look as much as possible like very good condition original, rather than new against old.


Various works to return to factory finishes.


The engines were removed and a full cambelt service carried out. Also a full cosmetic revision was undertaken on all the external engine parts as well as the block itself, and included re-plating many parts and stripping and re-painting several components including, for example, cam covers. Several other components were replaced, such as wiring plugs and conduits where required.


The brakes and suspension were also stripped, overhauled and reassembled. This included rebuilding the calipers with stainless steel pistons, re-plating and re-bushing the suspension arms to factory-type finishes. The exhaust system on one car was carefully invisibly re-worked inside to comply with Classiche requirements, but still deliver an amazing sound.


The interiors were in excellent original condition. A new set of carpets and overmats were made in our trim department. We carried out a light sympathetic Connollising of the seats, as well as other localised areas.