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The New Avengers Jaguar XJ12

In The Avengers television programme from the 1960s, John Steed, played by Patrick Macnee, drove an array of great British cars such as a vintage Bentley. In The New Avengers, Macnee's Steed was a specially modified 1976 Jaguar XJ12C. Following the TV series, the car disappeared into oblivion. Many people thought that the car had been lost altogether. This was not the case, and the car was purchased at public auction by a customer of ours in 2015. Following discussions, we were delighted and honoured to be commissioned to restore such a unique Jaguar. This car is truly world famous as the TV series was reportedly franchised to 130 countries around the globe.

Although the car looked amazing on-screen, mechanically it was 100% standard. Any roaring engine noises were dubbed on in post-production. Part of our brief is to make the car into the "blood and thunder" monster it could and should have been. This includes a whole host of carefully executed (and the tricky bit) reversible changes- not least of which is a highly tuned hand-built 7.3L engine- the maximum capacity the legendary Jaguar V12 can be taken out to. The reason they must be kept reversible is to retain the ability to return the car to its original format if needed at some point in the future.  

We have completely stripped the car and as can be seen have carried out a substantial amount of rebuilding work. More photos to follow as the project continues...